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Prom Night Portraits for Ellie



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I doesn’t seem right that I’m shooting Ellie’s Prom Night Portraits. Wasn’t it just yesterday when we dressed up to go on our daddy/daughter date to Chick-Fil-A? They don’t lie when they say how fast time flies.

I met up with Ellie and her friend group for Prom Night Portraits at Mercy Park in Joplin. Honestly, it was a bit surreal to be meeting there. After the Joplin tornado demolished that entire area of town, including Ellie’s school and house, Joplin built back better and more beautiful. You’ll see in the images below how pretty the area is at Mercy Park. But I’ll say, even as beautiful as the park was, Ellie outshined it by far. I just can’t believe how beautiful this girl is!

It was nice to spend time with her boyfriend this weekend, as well as her friends I’ve known for years. She surrounds herself with a great group of girls that are constantly lifting each other up. She makes me proud not only for the person she is, but for the people she surrounds herself with. While realizing she is growing up way too fast for me, it’s comforting to see the choices she is making in who she spends time with and what she spends time doing. Go Ellie go!

Talk to you soon,

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