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The Domino Effect in Photography, and Starting Over



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While the Domino Effect is already somewhat known thanks to TikTok and Ted talks, today I’m relating it to the world of photography.

Hi everyone! I’m so happy you’re here. Quick question: have you been reading this blog for weeks? Months? or Years? If it’s weeks or months, welcome! I’m very thankful for you. I committed to writing a blog post every day of 2022, and have held true to my promise to deliver new content each day.

If you answered “years” well… welcome back! I’m sorry I left for the better part of a couple of years. It was a crazy time in my life when I honestly didn’t want to share my life. Isn’t that strange? I mean, I shared hard, personal things like my child’s autism diagnosis. I shared fun things like when I got a book deal (you can grab my book on Amazon). And of course, I shared hundreds of weddings and photoshoots. But all of a sudden, I checked out. I’m sorry for that!

Picking back up after a hiatus

Now that I’m back, I’ve been really encouraged to pick up where I left on in my hay-day: sharing personal victories, defeats, and all the pretty things I get to photograph on a daily basis. I also want to share photo tips and business tips (after all, that’s why my book was about!). It’s a bit daunting… I mean today is my 3500th blog post! Yes, 3500! Let’s put that in perspective:

The bible is 1200 pages.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is 1137 pages

This blog has more pages than both of those… COMBINED.

Okay, that’s pretty damn cool. But also… you can see how that is kind of daunting. The majority of those posts were written when I blogged every day for 8 years. (8 x 365.25 = 2922) I of course stayed busy — so so busy — during those 8 years and I had doubts that I might not be able to do it this time. I had doubts about whether anyone would read it. I had doubts about whether it would make any difference at all. Now that I’m 3+ months in, I’ve noticed my numbers getting higher. It’s not just 0-1 hits a day, lol.

So again, thank you for being here with me. Let’s talk a little about The Domino Effect in Photography. I don’t want to set a goal of blogging for another 8 years in a row. The thought of that is just too overwhelming. But I tell you what I can do… I can blog every day of 2022. And then ride the momentum into 2023.

Domino effect for photographers - a man sands before a small domino, leading to increasingly taller dominos

I love the above image. A domino can knock over a domino 1.5x it’s size. And with momentum, there is no end to what we can accomplish when we make realistic goals. After all:

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and how long you’ve been following. Or, feel free to share a goal you have!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. Jess Hughes says:

    I’ve been following for, well, I don’t know actually. You have been a mentor a friend wat longer. Rooting for your new commitment and ready to follow along.

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