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How to Create Animated Gifs with Engagement Photos



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How to Create Animated Gifs: Animate via Photoshop Layers

Today I want to talk about How to Create Animated Gifs that I recently have run on Instagram and on the blog. I open up all the images that have been sized and ready for my gif. In bridge I go to tools down to Photoshop and over to load them into Photoshop layers. So what this will do will take all of those images that I shot in a sequence with my camera and load them all into one document in Photoshop as layers.

They’ll stack them in order from how I shot them. And then you’ll see on the left I have a timeline. I get that from the animated up in the window. So I want to create a timeline, and as soon as it all loads, I click create video timeline, and then I shorten them all. I did three frames per image.

This illustrates how to create animated gifs showing a young couple kissing during golden hour.

And you can change this based on how fast or smooth you want your animated gif to be. But anyway, I go through this process with all of the images you’ll see. Each one is just three frames longer than the one before it, and real quick, I’ll just speed this up so you you don’t have to watch me do this for all of them.

But that’s the process. Hold on just a second.

How to Create Animated Gifs: Exporting Your Gif

Okay. So it’s wrapping that up. I’m going to go ahead and just save my document real quick. This isn’t how to create the gif. I just don’t want to lose this work. So just going to save this real quick. You can ignore all that. OK. So to create the gif, I go to file down to export and save for web legacy.

Give it a second okay. And here we’ll see. You’ll see. GIF. 256 colors. I like that set up. You can pause it there and if you need to to zoom in on that. But there we go. That’s all there is to it. So then I click save. I’m click OK. It might take a moment for it to render all that and then I’ll show you how it looks Now here we go.

And you can make it loop or just do it one time. But yeah. So pretty easy. I hope you enjoy that. And thanks for watching.

Talk to you soon,

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