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NWA Family Photographer Portraits for the Sanders Family



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My greatest joy as an NWA Family Photographer is watching kids grow up in front of my camera. While I don’t take on many family clients with my full schedule, I have some incredible loyal families who trust me to document their lives. The Sanders family has been consistently hiring me to photograph them since Hutch was a newborn. Well, I take that back… Brittni had me photograph the most incredible maternity portraits before Hutch made his debut!

Because those maternity portraits were taken during my infamous break from blogging, I’ll post them here for you to see!

Since then, I’ve photographed the Sanders family twice a year every year of Hutch’s life! We’ve photographed family photos all around NW Arkansas, including Fayetteville, Springdale, Bentonville, and Rogers. For this shoot, we got to choose a very special location for the family: their new home in Goshen! I love being able to use a location that is special to the clients. Pictures are already a wonderful memory, but including a sentimental location makes it that much more special. Truly, it’s what makes me giddy as an NWA Family Photographer.

Gorgeous family of 3 portrait during golden hour out in a field in Northwest Arkansas by NWA family photographer Dale Benfield

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