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Theme Idea for 18th Birthday Party



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I’m no party planner, but I do love this theme idea for 18th birthday party that Ellie has come up with. Yes, Ellie is turning 18 in just over a month – how is that possible? Do y’all remember when she was the 4-year-old voice you heard when you came to this blog? It’s so crazy that that was 14 years ago, and during that time, you could have literally watched her grow up on this blog. We’ve been able to share birthdays, prom pictures, dance photos, big events, big news, cute kid photo shoots, and first days of school (and more first days of school). And now, I am sharing her save the date and menu for her 18th birthday party.

Ellie’s Colorful Theme Idea for 18th Birthday Party

Ellie knew she wanted a dinner party for her 18th birthday and came up with a really fun color palette and graphic, which I turned into all the fun things you see below. This vibe is so classic and dreamy. And maybe it’s a little southern french? Nevertheless it’s completely charming and I’m so proud of her for making this party a fun, memorable experience for her friends. We designed a food menu of each of her 6 courses. And course we had to have place cards for her guests. Finally, the save the date incorporated all the fun colors, consistent fonts, and beautiful artwork to set the tone for this incredible party.

What do you think about this design? So fun, right?
Talk to you soon,

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