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Beautiful Wedding Flat Lay Arrangements with Real Wedding Details



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Wedding Flat Lay Arrangements are a great way to show off your wedding details all in one beautiful image. I happen to love this trend in wedding photography. Remember ring photos? The Wedding Flat Lay Arrangements photo is like a ring photo on steriods. Flat lays are a great way to set the tone for your wedding, and later, your wedding album! (I love when the wedding album starts with a flat lay arrangement image)

You’ll see in the examples, below, there is a variety of wedding details that you could include in a flat lay arrangement. Most of the time, it’ll include some sort of paper good like the wedding invitation. I also like to include florals because they don’t last long after the wedding but are so important to setting the wedding tone. Also, the wedding rings are a flat lay staple. Outside of those staples, anything goes! Add some ribbon on a spool, important family heirlooms, or designer perfume.

Flat lay of wedding details from Bridgerton Style Wedding
Osage House Wedding Details in a flatlay with invitation, rings, flowers, and shoes

Other times, when a wedding couple invest a lot into the paper suite, it might just deserve its own photograph. I love the lined envelopes for Caroline’s wedding at The Hillside Estate. Also, her blue toile linens matched the vibe of her invitations so well.

Gorgeous blue and white wedding details and paper suite for a luxury wedding at Hillside Estate in Texas

Notice how the backgrounds of these flat lays match the vibe of the wedding? That’s intentional! When you hire a NW Arkansas wedding photographer, make sure they understand color stories and wedding vibes! It’ll make your wedding gallery feel and look cohesive!

Flat lay of wedding details including wedding invitation, brides shoes, grooms shoes, and florals.

This beautiful, simple flat lay showcases the bride’s main details and is framed by timeless white flowers and greenery.

luxury wedding details for Kindred North wedding, including Blakeman's Fine Jewelry ring and earrings, chanel no 5 perfume, and greenery.

If you’re planning a wedding right now, start thinking about the details that are important to you. Your photographer will ask for those on the wedding day (I always prep my bride about a month before) to create the most perfect flat lay. Use these images as a starting point, but remember to make it unique to you! It’s your wedding, after all, and you want it to feel personal!

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