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Top 5 Things Every Groom Should Know



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Having captured more than 500 nuptials in my wedding photography career, I have a pretty lengthy list of Things Every Groom Should Know. (I also have a list of Things Every Bride Should Know, but I’ll save that for a later blog post). Some of these things might seem obvious once you read them, but they are on this list because more often than not, grooms aren’t aware of these things. So, here we go with the…

5 Things Every Groom Should Know

Thing #1: You can have an opinion! This is one of the obvious ones; however, rarely do grooms feel like they can share if they have an opinion. Grooms, if you’re reading this… your partner wants to hear your opinion. Marriages are about teamwork and sharing ideas, dreams, and goals. Do you love a certain song? Suggest it to your soon-to-be-spouse to make that your first dance song. Or maybe help your partner choose between the pork tenderloin or the beef. Maybe you have an opinion on whether or not to write your own vows (you should!); let them know!

Thing #2: Your partner likes it when you are involved, but not forceful. So, now that we have adopted “Thing #1” let’s refine that. It’s likely your partner has been planning this wedding a lot longer than you have. Their excitement is almost overflowing to finally get to book these vendors and make this dream become a reality. While you should share your opinion, that’s where it ends. This is not a dictatorship, and there certainly are no vetos (unless your partner wants to invite their ex… lol). Discuss, share, and then let them make the final decision unless they are clear they want YOU to make it.

Thing #3: There are ways you can make the wedding special for your groomsmen. Groomsmen gifts are an obvious way (I’ll share more on the best groomsmen gifts in a later post). If you choose a gift, make sure it’s something they will use. They might not need that 16th bow-tie, but would probably love a whiskey appreciation crate.

Get this whiskey crate (or hell… get it for yourself lol!)

Thing #4: You have a say in what you get to wear. Of course, you want to feel comfortable on your big day. Instead of passing this off, speak up and share your thoughts on what you want yourself and your groomsmen to wear on the wedding day. Remember to have your groom’s attire fitted to your body. I wrote a blog post about the ultimate guide on how to be a stylish groom. If you dread bow-ties (or LOVE them), by all means, plan your wedding attire accordingly.

groom getting ready for his wedding at Hall of Springs

Maybe it’s wearing the most incredible Christian Louboutin groom’s shoes. Go for it! The ones below are a little much for me to be able to pull off, so I linked my favorite top groom’s shoes by Christian Louboutin.

Thing #5: Your partner will look to YOU to make them laugh and feel at ease on the wedding day. Wedding days can be stressful. And your partner might have insecurities. A groom should be present and uplifting on a wedding day. That means making them feel beautiful during your first look (if you have a first look, obviously). That means making them laugh during wedding portraits. And that means dancing until your feet ache if your partner wants the party to be on the dance floor. Your wedding photos will be how you two remember your wedding day, so being present and uplifting will make those photos the best they can be.

Groom makes his bride feel comfortable in photos by hugging her from behind.
Jessica and Chris

Did you like this list of things every groom should know? Did I forget anything super important? If so, leave a message in the comments!

Talk to you soon,

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