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Anticipation for Fall Family Photo Season



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Fall Family Photo Sessions are on my mind! I can’t help it… pumpkin spice is already everywhere. And the temperatures are starting to cool (especially in the Northeast where I just spent the last week). And football starts tomorrow. Yay! My favorite time of year is almost upon us!

Even in our own family, we make sure to take family portraits in the fall. Here are some Fall Family Photos at Sassafras Springs Vineyard.

I have two weekday spots left for fall family photo sessions if anyone wants them. I don’t have to book them; I consider my calendar full, but if anybody out there is bummed they missed out on my family photo signup, here’s your chance to snag a single fall family photo session. Email me ( if you want information.

About my family photo sessions: first off, my portrait experience is just that: an experience! I’m great with kids, kids with special needs, kids who hate having their photos taken, etc. I love capturing their little personalities in portraits, while making sure they have a great time. Second, I am available to help you style your fall photos in terms of clothing, hair, and makeup. Adding these special touches to your photo shoot elevate your portraiture (and allow you to pamper yourself in the process). Finally, I shoot fast! They last just long enough to get great shots and end before any one gets bored, frustrated, or hungry! Give it a shot!

Talk to you soon,

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