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Sunset Wedding Portraits by Joplin Wedding Photographer + Love Notes



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sunset wedding portraits from wedding at Amalie in Joplin

You might remember that I started my career as a Joplin Wedding Photographer. Weddings in Joplin have evolved over the past 20 years, and I’m happy they have progressed to where they are currently. Part of it is there are cool Joplin wedding venues. Another part is that couples realize the importance of epic wedding photos, and carve out time for this Joplin wedding photographer to do his thing! I was able to pull Josh and Sarah away from their wedding reception at the Roxy to a spot I predetermined would look amazing in Joplin wedding portraits. They obliged, and I was right! This location was the perfect spot for sunset wedding portraits during golden hour.

Sweet Words about this Joplin Wedding Photographer 😭

Unexpectedly, I received some really beautiful unsolicited feedback from the bride and the groom about their Joplin wedding photography. I copied and pasted it below because it was so very sweet!

Sweet message from the groom after the wedding day:

There was never even a question as to who would be our photographer. One of many things we have going for us is how much Sarah trusts my taste and how well I know hers. Then she was 1000% sold when she met you and saw the sample album you brought. You’re the best, Dale! Forever honored you were a part of that day.”

Sweet message from the bride after the wedding day:

Dale, it was SO FUN having you there & we cannot wait to see our photos! You also made it so easy for us, didn’t take up crazy amounts of our time & made posing & pictures just feel comfortable & natural.

And then later she had this to say: “I still feel like I’m living in a dream! We just got our entire digital album from the wedding & it is perfection! Literal perfection! So here’s just another little sneak peek featuring our best friends! 🤍
Side note: Dale is so incredibly talented… he was fully able to capture all the love and all the FUN during our Happily Ever After Party!”

While you’re here, you should check out the wedding reception at the Roxy in Joplin. It was a blast!

Want to see an emotional first look? Check out the wedding at Amalie in Joplin.

Sarah and Josh, you were an absolute dream. I’m honored to be your wedding photographer. You two deserve all the fun and happiness life has to offer. Being able to document your love story fills me with joy and gratitude. I hope you’re having fun in Greece; don’t pay too much for Oysters (iykyk).

Talk to you soon,

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