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Wedding Reception at The Roxy in Joplin for Josh and Sarah



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This wedding reception at The Roxy in Joplin was one heck of a party. First off, they had special musical guests Randall Shreve make the trip from Northwest Arkansas to play during cocktail hour at The Amalie in Joplin. He also played a beautiful song for the bride and groom’s first dance to kick off the reception.

Randall Shreve playing music at the reception at The Roxy during the bride and groom's first dance.

Then as everyone entered the Wedding Reception at Roxy in Joplin, the DJ brought the party with him all the way from Green Bay, WI. He had everyone dancing all night long! I want to shout out Crystal from Athena Events for coordinating such a killer Joplin wedding. Also, Damien from Crabby’s catered the food for the evening. Both are outstanding Joplin wedding vendors. Finally, we have to credit Jason, who owns The Roxy and The Amalie, two of Joplin’s best wedding venues. What a team!

This was my favorite moment of the night. The speech happening in the foreground, and all the happy things happening in the background. The bride’s face showed pure joy in this priceless moment.

I remember catching myself smiling from ear to ear so many times while photographing this Wedding Reception at Roxy in Joplin. Everyone had a blast all night long!

If you didn’t pop onto the blog for the last couple days, check out the wedding at Amalie in Joplin. And be sure to come back tomorrow for the grand finale when I share Sarah and Josh’s Joplin wedding portraits at sunset!

Talk to you soon,

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