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Mom + Daughter Video Vignette for Ty and Scout



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I’m now expert on things I never thought I would be expert at. 1) packing for trips that last longer than a week. 2) knowing how melancholy I’ll feel after 5 days of being away from my girls. I’m thankful for being able to support my family by being a photographer; and I’m thankful that I’m needed to capture and tell so many beautiful stories. But man, being way from family sucks.

Honestly, I’m not sure if it makes it better or worse that while I’m gone this time I have a bunch of images and video clips of Tyler and Scout that I am putting into multiple mom and daughter photo shoot blog posts. Here we are, though, with a lovely mom + daughter video vignette I made.

The reason I shot this mom + daughter video vignette, along with the photos yesterday (and another post you’ll see soon) is that I wanted to flex some different photo and video muscles using the same content. That way I could compare different mediums using the same subject. My hope is that all three will invoke different feelings while showing similar content. If you’re brave, leave a note on today’s post and yesterday’s post to share what feelings you had consuming them!

mom + daughter video vignette of little girl playing in a field of yellow flowers with her mother looking on

Talk to you soon,

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