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Ultimate Black Friday Guide for Photographers



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Welcome to the Ultimate Black Friday Guide for Photographers! Below are my top picks for Black Friday camera deals after scouring camera websites, amazon, etc. I also share some images captured with the gear I am sharing so you’ll see what you can actually use it for. I don’t promote brands that I don’t personally use, so you can trust that I stand behind my recommendations. Also, by using the links, I get a small commission- woohoo! Don’t hold it against me… I’ve got a kid entering college, and a 4th one on the way!

Dale Benfield gives a Canon R5C review and stands in front of a reflective fountain at Kansas City Union Station and Crown Center while wearing a red Balmain sweatshirt and white pants.

Ultimate Black Friday Guide for Photographers: Gear

Let’s start with the big stuff: Cameras! My very camera is on sale for $200 off! Get the Canon R5C here if you shoot photo + video. This is a professional-grade camera and video camera; however, if you are wanting an entry level camera or a point and shoot, these are the two I recommend:

Canon Eos Rebel T7 kit (this one is $50 off right now!)
Canon M200 (this is $100 off right now!)

Here is the lighting I use for studio (see the two shots below): Westcott FJ400 light which is $75 off right now!

I also like their ring light, which I used to get the shot below. It’s $30 off right now!

Another fun thing I have started using to spring my own, small pictures from my phone is this little Canon Ivy 2 printer. It’s $30 off right now! This is particularly useful if you want to print photos for a locket. And let me just say, printing photos for locket is not the easiest task. But this makes printing photos for a locket a breeze!

One last thing on my Ultimate Black Friday Guide for Photographers: the Shootsac. Unfortunately, they have sold out. However, you can join the waitlist and save $25 on my favorite lensbag when it comes back in stock!

shootsac lens bag

Happy shopping, and happy shooting!
Talk to you soon,

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