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Southern Bridal Portraits at Carnall Hall for Ellis



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These Bridal Portraits at Carnall Hall are so beautiful. What I love most about them is I feel like I was able to capture the gentleness and beauty of my southern bride, Ellis. She is so kind and lovely, and I wanted her bridal portraits at Carnall Hall to reflect that. We scheduled our shoot during golden hour so we could capture beautiful light in our background.

southern bride portraits at Carnall Hall in Fayetteville at golden hour

During every bridal portrait session, I strive to create a variety of images for the bride. Some include the full dress and veil, while others focus more close up and details.

Isn’t she stunning? I love that gorgeous lighting and how it illuminates her hair from behind. Then, it gently wraps around her. Just gorgeous.

For Ellis’ wedding photos, check out the links below:
Osage House Wedding Day for Ellis + Andrew
Osage House Wedding Details for Ellis + Andrew

Also, I want to throw a quick shoutout to Reilly from Wed by Meg who accompanied the bride for her bridal portraits at Carnall Hall. She not only made the shoot more fun, but also was really helpful. Thanks, Reilly!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. Ellis Zurborg says:

    Dale you are the best! Thank you for capturing such a special time and the best day!

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