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Ty’s Maternity Photos on Film



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When I got my recently film scans back from Bedford Camera, I was filled with love as I scrolled through Tyler’s Maternity Photos. I’ve been shooting a couple of rolls of film every month as a creative outlet. It also keeps me sharp, because shooting film is less forgiving than shooting with a digital camera. Anyway, it’s been fun to do, and getting film back from the lab fills me with so much excitement.

These might look familiar actually. That’s because I have already posted about Maternity Photos in Alaska at Alyeska. However, those were shot with my digital camera, and these are shot with film. If you want see that post, here you go: maternity portraits. Oh, and let me say that Scout picked this exact location for photographs. She was so proud, as we had to step off the normal path for these shots. Of course, she had to go pose as well. Hahaha, bless this kid.

Alyeska is such a special place for the Benfield family. The place where we got engaged is also where announced this pregnancy, and Tyler’s pregnancy with Scout. I love that we have such a wonderful resort that has been the backdrop for many of the important events in our life as a family, including these Maternity Photos. Hopefully we can take our new baby there to see where we have announced so many important life events.

Talk to you soon,

Dale Benfield is a luxury wedding photographer in Northwest Arkansas, specializing in celebrity weddings, high end weddings, and destination weddings.

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