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Weekly Roundup #20



The blog contains little bits of my life, my passions, and my work. I update it daily so there is always something new to come see.





Hey there friends!

Welcome to another weekly roundup. This is when I talk about some of my favorite things from the past week, both personally and with photography. I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks because I’ve been so busy posting shoots and other content here, so forgive me. Here are a few things that have been going on this past week.

Osage House Open House

photo of dale benfield, a luxury wedding photographer in nwa, stand with his booth at the open house at osage house.
thanks to Boston Mountain Photo for taking this pic of me at my setup

I was asked to be one of the photographers at the Osage House Wedding open house on Sunday. In fact, I was the only photographer in the all-white, beautiful chapel at Osage, which means I got to have lots of 1-on-1 time with some incredible couples. We created custom packages with Osage x Benfield wine bottles, macaroons, etc. I also debuted my new wedding images on handmade paper. I got a lot of positive feedback on wedding albums, and got to see some of my favorite NWA wedding planners. Speaking of NWA wedding planners, my old bff (and former planner) Jenessa Bailey stopped in to see me. I nearly fainted, and then teared up. I miss working with her on weddings more than you could imagine!

Scout’s Chores

Tyler has been working with Scout on her chore chart. As usual, Tyler comes up with the idea that I think Scout will never go for. And as usual, I’m pleasantly surprised by how mature Scout is. Currently, Scout has 5 chores: feeding Louie, taking her plate to the sink, brushing her teeth, taking a bath, and picking up her toys. She has done all 5, all week. That means she gets a surprise/present at the end of the week. This week, she said she wanted to “paint.” Upon discussion, she told me she wanted to paint her room pink. Since we live right next to Sherwin Williams, we popped in and grabbed a light pink, and started slapping it on the walls. I am excited to share it with you when it’s all finished!

Snowed In, or Snow Den

Either is appropriate in this case. The ice hit us pretty hard. There is an 18-inch ice mountain outside our front door. Yes, still. Scout thinks Elsa did it. Anyway, we have been essentially snowed in most of the week, and I have to tell you: I have LOVED it. I’m about to be gone for the next five weeks, so I am soaking up all the Scout (and Tyler) time I can.

Talk to you soon,

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