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Couples Portraits of Jade and Jeff



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Yesterday I teased these Couples Portraits of Jeff and Jade Coats. I’ve been Instagram friends with Jade since, well, I don’t know when (a long time), and she snagged one of my mini-session subscriptions. After aligning our wild schedules (she might be busier than us!), we decided to photograph at one of their excursions. They travel a lot, and we have planned to shoot some portraits on one of their international adventures. This one, however, was at Mardi Gras in Eureka Springs. If you’ve never been to Eureka Springs during Mardi Gras, it’s a trip! I think we might make it a Benfield family tradition, which is exactly what Jeff and Jade have done!

Couples Portraits of Jeff and Jade Coats in Eureka Springs, AR

We shot these Couples Portraits in downtown Eureka. See the “marriages performed” sign? That’s the only place in the state you can get legally married on a Sunday! Fun fact! It was also right by Jade and Jeff’s airbnb, so we met there and then shot around the area. I love Jade’s style of all black (like me 99% of the time) with a pop of color. She definitely stands out, yeah?

My favorite moment during their Couples Portraits session was when an old Chevrolet truck made an appearance in the background of our photographs. You can’t plan things like that, but you can certainly capitalize on it!

I also shot some black and white portraits of them, giving them a different look and feel. I found some moody lighting, which I don’t typically shoot in, but I thought I would play around with some photographs since I had such a fun and lovey couple.

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