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Micro-Wedding at Crystal Bridges for Kelly and Erik



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Kelly and Erik’s Enchanting Micro-Wedding at Crystal Bridges Museum

Love is an eternal symphony that sometimes orchestrates beautiful unions, transcending grief and carving a new path filled with hope. Such was the case for Kelly and Erik, whose lives collided amidst the ethereal walls of Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. On this day, their journey of love was celebrated, immortalized by the delicate lens of a seasoned wedding photographer.

A Tapestry of Healing Hearts

Kelly, a widow with a radiant spirit, and Erik, a soul who had endured his own hardships, discovered solace in one another. Their love blossomed, creating a tender tapestry of healing hearts. Recognizing the importance of their blended family, they gracefully invited their children to partake in the intimate ceremony—a testament to their commitment to love and the forging of unbreakable bonds.

Wedding at Crystal Bridges for Kelly and Erik

A Portrait of Unity

The Crystal Bridges Museum, with its breathtaking architecture and serene surroundings, provided the perfect canvas for Kelly and Erik’s sacred union. As they exchanged vows under the lush canopy of an ancient oak tree, their children stood by their side, symbolizing the merging of two families into one. It was a tableau of unity, capturing the essence of unconditional love that enveloped them all.

Capturing Intimacy

As a seasoned, professional wedding photographer who immortalizes the ephemeral moments, I strive to capture the whispers of emotion that transcend time. In a micro-wedding, where every detail holds significance, hiring such an artist becomes even more paramount. Every glance, every shared smile, and every tender touch—their photographs weave together a narrative, telling a tale that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Wedding at Crystal Bridges for Kelly and Erik and then pop champagne at golden hour

Micro-weddings, with their intimate guest lists and personalized details, offer a unique opportunity to create a deeply personal experience. While the scale may be smaller, the significance remains grand. A seasoned photographer possesses the artistic acumen to navigate these intimate affairs delicately. They are adept at capturing the subtle nuances of love, preserving the essence of the day with each click of the shutter.

Wedding at Crystal Bridges for Kelly and Erik had their wedding portraits taken at golden hour

Kelly and Erik’s wedding at Crystal Bridges Museum was a resplendent masterpiece, crafted with love, resilience, and a dash of destiny. Through the discerning eye of a seasoned wedding photographer, their micro-wedding transformed into an everlasting story. Every stolen glance, every heartfelt embrace, and every cherished moment was captured, ensuring that their journey of love would be eternally etched upon the annals of time. So, let us remember that, even in the most intimate of celebrations, a professional wedding photographer is an invaluable storyteller—a guardian of memories and a curator of love.

Wedding at Crystal Bridges for Kelly and Erik

Kelly, it’s an honor to have photographed your micro-wedding at Crystal Bridges, but even more of an honor to call you a friend. I wish you and Ev all the happiness in the world.


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