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Luxury Crystal Bridges Wedding for Heather and Chris; Arkansas Wedding Photographer



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This Crystal Bridges Wedding and Reception is going to make your jaw drop and your heart melt. There are really beautiful wedding details. But more importantly, I witness and photographed so many sentimental wedding moments I’m excited for you to see. First, let’s set the scene for this luxurious Crystal Bridges wedding + reception. The setup in the Great Hall took my breath away as soon as I walked in. I included some images below for you to see what I mean. Beautiful and timeless greenery on incredibly long tables with perfectly placed table settings and chairs.

Heather is absolutely gorgeous! I knew she would make a beautiful bride.

Her dad thought so too. This first look moment between the bride and her father touched my heart big time. Let me go on record right now and say if any of my daughters cry during our first look on their wedding day, I’ll completely lose it.

While I’ve photographed tons of Crystal Bridges Wedding and Receptions in my career as a luxury wedding photographer in Northwest Arkansas, this is the first time I shot one in this particular spot. I love the backdrop with all the leading lines, and the art hanging from the ceiling. It was a striking visual statement under which to say their vows.

These three photos sum up the day. Love + Celebration.

So, Chris works as a chef for the Momentary (Crystal Bridges’ sister property) and I don’t know if he had to pull any strings to get us into the infinity room for wedding portraits or not. But if he did have to call in a favor, it was worth it. These infinity room wedding portraits are some of my all-time favorites for their uniqueness.

Crystal Bridges Wedding Reception in the Great Hall

Finally, it was time to get the party started. The Crystal Bridges wedding reception was green perfection. I love a great consistent color story (check out how to pick your wedding colors blog post). The backdrop elevated the entire event. I had the best time photographing such thought-out spaces.

Didn’t we just discuss how cool it is to have a last dance at the wedding reception? Way to go Heather and Chris!

We end the blog post with one of my favorite wedding trends: cold shower sparklers. Is that what they’re called? It’s late and my word-smith-ness is gone (further evident by using the made up word “word-smith-ness”). Heather and Chris, you’re one of the coolest Benny couples of all time! Thank you for trusting me to photograph your Crystal Bridges wedding and reception!

Talk to you soon,

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