February 1, 2022

The Getaway We Didn’t Realize We Needed

We survived. Honestly, we thrived, but let me explain. Tyler and I just got home from our longest time away from Scout ever. We spent 6 days in Mexico for a music festival. If I’m honest, the day before we left I was hoping that I would get covid (again) or that the festival would […]

Personal, Travel

January 26, 2022

Hola from Mexico!

Months ago Tyler booked us a trip to see one of our favorite bands, the Avett Brothers, at the beach in Mexico. I remember being so excited, imagining warm weather and sand between my toes in the midst of winter. What’s more, she booked us at the adults only resort, meaning it was an “us” […]


January 22, 2022

Hello From Chicago!

downtown chicago at sunset from the willis tower

The Benfields are in the Windy City this weekend for some family time. Actually, I have a wedding at the Chicago Athletic Association, but we came a little early to show Scout that this city is more than just an airport. (Scout has been to O’Hare around ten times already!) During this trip, and most […]


January 20, 2022

What I’m Reading: The Joy of Missing Out

One of my unpublished resolutions (I can’t tell you EVERYTHING, now can I?!) is to dive into literature more in 2022 than I did last year. It’ll be pretty easy, I only read a couple of books last year. Before you judge, I used to read a book a month for years, but fell out […]

For Photographers, Personal

January 16, 2022

Best Friend Weekend in Maryland 🎉

Hey friends! I’m writing the blog from a new state today: Maryland! Each year, my best photo friends meet in a city somewhere across the country to laugh, chat, eat good food, and spend quality time together. Past trips have been in Vegas, Nashville, San Antonio, NY, and last year was Boston. This year, we […]


January 14, 2022

Can I Make Family Friday a Thing?

This morning I woke up in Kansas City. I had my morning coffee, daily reading, and morning emails… then was out the door to my first of three shoots by 9am. After driving back and forth across the City of Fountains, twice, I was wrapping up the shooting day at 4pm. All day long, I […]


January 13, 2022

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

I’ve thought a lot about my Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2022. I’ve found that when I officially write my resolutions down something inside me clicks and I tend to keep them. So, here we are in 2022 and I thought I’d write a few down that I really want to commit to this […]


January 12, 2022

Top 12 of 2021

Hey everybody! I thought this year I would make a recap video of my previous year showcasing all the highlights and happy things that happened. Click play in the video above and enjoy! What was your favorite part of the year? I’d love to hear! Drop a comment below! Talk to you soon, Dale


January 10, 2022

Happy Birthday, Scout!

The hardest thing about being Scout’s dad (because she is literally the easiest child so far), is not being able to freeze time. While going through the images for the video below, it was so heartbreaking that she has changed so much in just two short years. Where did my baby go? Instead, I have […]


January 6, 2022

Happy Birthday, Cece!

9 years ago, one of the best girls on the planet was born. Cece entered the world and from her first breath she began overcoming obstacles. This girl was a fighter. I remember the skin to skin I got to do with her in the hospital, when I tucked her inside my hoodie to keep […]


January 1, 2021

2020. WTF was that?

modern family photographer shot of a newborn baby on a bed wearing a cute red outfit

Hey everybody! Each year, I reflect, either publicly or privately, about the year. Typically, it’s to celebrate some successes, give thanks, and then make some goals for the upcoming year. 2020: One of My Favorite Years Ever This year was one of the best of my entire life. Yeah, you read that right. I am […]

Family and Children, Personal

October 26, 2020

Fall Baby Photos of Scout Lucille

Fall Baby Photos might be my new favorite. Showing up an hour early to a photo shoot has its advantages. Tyler, Scout, and I decided to make the most of our time during a recent senior portrait session. Our senior portrait client, who lives in Oklahoma, wanted to shoot at Sassafras Springs Vineyard in Northwest […]


July 21, 2020

Ellie’s Sweet 16 Birthday + Dance Recital Photo Shoot

Today my baby girl turns 16 years old. I’ve told myself that at least a hundred times today, because I heard once that if you hear something enough you start to believe it. Well, I can’t believe it. Have you ever had someone look up to you and love you unconditionally? Like, truly unconditionally? I […]


February 10, 2020

Introducing: Scout Lucille Benfield

And Introducing Tyler Lucille: the most amazing woman in the world If there is one thing the birth of Scout Lucille taught me, it’s that’s I married a mighty, incredible woman. She is strong in EVERY way. Let me back up. She wrote in her birth plan that she wanted to be as natural as […]


January 2, 2020

What a Year: 2019 in Review

As a former newspaper journalist, I’ve grown to have real disgust at trite expressions. That being said, what a difference a year can make. This time last year was rough… This time last year I was unmarried, had just lost a huge account (which was 1/2 of my photography income) and wasn’t going to church. […]


December 20, 2019

‘Dilly’s’ gender neutral nursery

Gender neutral baby nursery idea

Hey everybody! We’ve been rockin and rollin over here at the Benfield household getting the gender neutral nursery ready for “Dilly.” If you are wondering if “Dilly” is the baby’s name, it’s not. We don’t have a name! Actually, we don’t even know the gender. We just started calling our baby Dilly after the first […]

Boudoir, Maternity, Personal

December 3, 2019

Boudoir Maternity Session for Tyler

nude pregnant boudoir maternity shoot

Hi everyone, this is Tyler! I’ve taken over Dale’s blog today to talk about … myself. Or rather, my last maternity shoot. A boudoir maternity shoot. First, though, let’s talk about boudoir in general. If you would have told me two years ago that I’d do a boudoir shoot at all, let alone a boudoir […]


July 12, 2019

Dale + Tyler are Pregnant!

I’m probably not the person you need to be reading. Tyler is by far the better writer in this marriage. She has a way with words that can make you cry and then laugh in the same sentence. I’m not joking… it literally happened this morning when I was reading Tyler’s pregnancy announcement post on […]

Bridal Portraits, Personal

June 4, 2019

My Wife’s Bridal Portraits

tyler benfield's bridal portraits by dale in northwest arkansas

I had the UNIQUE privilege of photographing my own wife’s bridal portraits. Pretty cool right? Tyler has always wanted me to shoot her wedding and bridal portraits, and since I couldn’t do the wedding (LOL), it was important to both of us that I be able to photograph the bridal portraits of her in her […]


May 13, 2019

Our El Dorado Maroma Honeymoon

It’s been a month now since we returned from our honeymoon… and we finally finished the laundry! Hahaha, just kidding (but no judgement for those who take an extended amount of time to unpack after vacation)! As I was thinking back about our time in Mexico, I am so thankful we took a honeymoon right […]