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More High-End Boudoir Portraits for Alex



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Today I’m sharing more High-End Boudoir Portraits from Alex’s recent lingerie portraits. Alex and I have been teaming up a lot lately for her portrait needs. You recently got signed to a modeling agency. Because of that, we have been doing photo shoots for a modeling portfolio. Our latest session was some incredible upscale boudoir portraits.

Upscale boudoir portraits of a sexy black haired young woman in black lingerie laying on a bed seductively.

As I mentioned before, High-End Boudoir Portraits involve more planning and customization than a typical boudoir session. We tailor the location and backdrops to the looks of the lingerie and the vibe of the hair and makeup. Then, of course, we help with all the posing and editing for a beautiful boudoir portrait shoot. I would love to photograph your boudoir portraits. Boudoir portraits make a great wedding gift.

Upscale boudoir portraits of a sexy black haired young woman in black lingerie laying on a bed seductively.

We shot these at Fayetteville’s Graduate Hotel. The vibe and colors go really well with what Alex planned on wearing. The black lingerie bra and panty set were complimented by the red accents on the wall, and also the black backdrop I brought to the set. All in all, it was a perfect setting for the High-End Boudoir Portraits.

If you are considering getting boudoir portraits as a wedding gift, to supplement your modeling portfolio, or just because you want to feel empowered, let’s chat. If you are nervous about posing, I got you. I’m an expert on posing in a natural and beautiful way that plays to all your best angles. If you’re nervous about editing, I got you. I am great at smoothing skin, plumping lips, and all the little details to make you look and feel your best. It’s my main objective to make you feel so confident and empowered before, during, and after your high-end boudoir portraits. Contact me if you want to set up your sexy little photo shoot!

Talk to you soon,

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