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Using a 400mm Lens for Family Portraits



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It’s like renting a Porche to drop the kids off at school: It’s flashy, it gets the job, and yeah… it’s probably overkill. But alas, that’s just what I did for Chelsea Brown’s recent family portraits. Canon sent me the RF 400mm 2.8L series lens (which retails for about $12k) to try out. I used it for a JHS football game and dance team photos, a wedding I’ll post soon, and this family shoot.

400mm Lens for Family Portraits with a compressed and blurred background.

Was it fun using a 400mm Lens for Family Portraits? Absolutely. Was it practical? Eh…. not really. I had to backup to about a football field away for full-body portraits. It focused fast and was pretty sharp; however, it was much heavier than my 50mm 1.2 or 85mm 1.2, and hand-holding the lens because tiresome after just a few minutes. I won’t be using a 400mm lens for family portraits anytime again soon, but it was a fun lens to play with. Thank you to the Brown family for always letting me experiment with them. They’re the best!

Talk to you soon,

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