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Colie’s Modeling Portraits



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This final set of Modeling Portraits for Colie are some of my favorites from each outfit. Our gorgeous model brought tons of clothing options to the hotel on the morning of the shoot and we worked our way through as many as we could. We shot modeling portraits both inside and outside the hotel for a nice variety of photographs. Starbucks and redbull fueled me through the early morning session and we got some really incredible images.

For our outdoor Modeling Portraits, there was a really great field next to the hotel that had nice lighting. We started with our safety shots (check the bottom collage for those), which just refer to photos NOT laying on the dewy morning grass. I do love everything about this shot below. Her perfect arm placement here makes the shot and frames her face beautifully. This si also a great blend of sexy + classy… something worth striving for.

Modeling portraits for Colie lying down in a field while wearing a one-shoulder floral dress

My favorite compliment after we finished Colie’s Modeling Portraits was that she said how confident and comfortable she felt during the session. Honestly, that is 100% everything I’m going for when I photograph models (or brides, grooms, kids, etc). The more confident you feel, the better your photos will come out, but also… I just love helping people feel their best selves! That’s the reason I decided to make photography my full-time career more than 15 years ago!

Oh, by the way, I’m thinking about doing a tutorial on how I got the photo below (with regard to lighting). Let me know if you’re interested in that!

And finally, here are the other Modeling Portraits we shot outside. During morning golden hour, which speeds by, we ran outside and caught this beautifully warm lighting for Colie’s portraits. Perfection.

Talk to you soon,

Interested in more photos of Colie from our shoot? Check out the links below:
Classic Black and White Portraits for Colie
Purple Palette Portraits for Colie

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