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Marie + Nick’s SURPRISE Wedding Video; Arkansas Wedding Videographer



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Did you know I’m also an Arkansas wedding videographer? While I am primarily a wedding photographer, I am also a wedding photographer who also shoots video. I mentioned before that I only shoot wedding videos as an add-on to my photography packages. Recently, I shot both photo and video at Marie and Nick’s wedding at Garvan Gardens and wedding reception at Hamp Williams in Hot Springs. What’s unique about this situation is that I didn’t have a second shoot or dedicated videographer.

My wife thought I was crazy. My photo friends were in disbelief. To do both wedding photography well and wedding videography well at the same time is pretty much unheard of. I mean, to do either well on a wedding day takes skill and experience. To do BOTH… well, maybe I was a bit nuts. However, the images were some of the best I’ve ever taken, and this video is fantastic, as you’ll see below.

A New Arkansas Wedding Videographer in the Area

If you’re looking for an Arkansas Wedding Videographer to shoot your big day, I’d love for you to take a look at this video and if you like what you see, reach out to me!

Oh… did I mention that the bride had no idea I was shooting a video? I have known Marie for more than a decade and have always just loved her so much. She’s such a fun and sweet young lady and was Benfield Photography‘s first ever intern. I knew that I wanted to do something special for her as my wedding gift to her, and since she didn’t hire an Arkansas Wedding Videographer, I thought I would secretly volunteer my services. She was blown away when she saw the video while on her honeymoon in Greece. I love surprising couples while on their honeymoon. Usually, it’s by sending their wedding gallery just days after the wedding, which I also did. But this time I sent her wedding video as well. She and Nick deserve all the happiness that these photos and video bring. They really are a special couple.

Talk to you soon,

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