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Praying for Scottie Teague



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Tonight I’m praying for Scottie Teague.

If you could take a peek into my life right now, you would see that I am scrambling to get out the door by 7:30pm to drive to Columbia MO for a shoot tomorrow. We had one of those days in the Benfield household where the kids were absolutely bananas. Loud and emotional and Ty and I both are feeling anxious and frustrated and impatient. It’s not our best look. And to be honest, it was just a hard day and has been a challenging evening. But then I remember and start praying for Scottie Teague.

The Teague family has been my friends for a long time. I actually met Brittany years ago when we got to shoot together. I’ve followed her sweet life through the ups and the downs. Last year, I got to meet Scottie when I photographed the Teague family in Scottie’s nursery. Remember this?

Praying for Scottie Teague who gets a liver transplant and remembering this image of the Teague family sitting in the baby's nursery.

I’d love for you to follow Brittany on Instagram to read all about their journey. Tonight she posted this update, but you should go back and read their incredible story!

All it takes is a little perspective sometimes. While I was busy being frustrated that my kids were obnoxious, missed naps, and were emotional… in the end, I’m so thankful for my family. I love my girls more than anything in life, and can’t imagine the amount of strength Brittany has and is showing through these challenging circumstances. If you believe, please join me in praying for Scottie Teague.

Talk to you soon,

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