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Family Pictures in the Snow



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While we were in Alaska announcing Tyler’s pregnancy, we also decided to take some fun Family Pictures in the Snow. Actually, that’s not true. What we actually decided was to build a snowman. Scout has been obsessing over Frozen for the past six months (or maybe longer?), and she had been dying to build a snowman. Because we went in the fall, it hadn’t snowed yet in Northwest Arkansas. So, imagine her delight to land in Alaska where, SURELY, Elsa had covered the land in winter snow. Each morning, the first thing she asked is if we could build a snowman. So we did just that.

Scout + Dada on film in the snow in Alaska

These look like Family Pictures in the Snow, but we are actually posing with our little snowman. Do you see him? He’s hard to spot unless you’re looking for him! Anyway, the snow wasn’t really sticking together, and Scout also wanted to play on the slide and chase the geese, so this was the best we could do. He is still pretty cute, right? We made a quick stop at Walmart to grab carrots for a nose. You’ll see that she is also holding a carrot in her hands, lol. Again, these are not exactly the perfect family pictures, but I’ll take what I can get, especially because we photographed these on film.

Scout + Dada on film in the snow in Alaska

Now, THESE look like Family Pictures in the Snow. I made Scout and Mama play around in the snow and under this gorgeous tree. I love their color combination, which pops against the white background.

Family Pictures in the Snow

These two are best buddies, and I love it!

Scout didn’t care that the park was covered in snow, she still wanted to play. Oh, and here is our cute little snowman. He had blueberries for eyes, which makes me giggle.

If you’re looking for Tyler’s maternity photos in the snow, click that link!

Talk to you soon,

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