October 17, 2022

5 Poses for Boudoir Photos that are Easy and Flattering

5 boudoir poses that are easy, shown by this black female in lingerie on a black background

Because posing for boudoir photos can be intimidating, today I’m going to share my 5 poses for boudoir photos that are easy and flattering. These boudoir poses will work for all body types, and all lingerie or nude photographs. Pose #1: The fake pillow fight – this one is easy because everyone has had a […]


October 9, 2022

Another NSFW Boudoir Video of Shelby Grace

NSFW boudoir video shot of blonde in her bra for a light and airy sexy boudoir photo shoot in a hotel bedroom.

I love photographing anything that helps females feel empowered. That could be portraits of her in a floral dress out in a flower field (like I did this morning), new studio headshots during a good hair day, or a boudoir photo shoot when she is feeling confident and sexy. These NSFW boudoir video clips are […]


September 30, 2022

Boudoir Video for Shelby Grace / NSFW

Boudoir video for Shelby Grace uses this thumbnail of sexy blonde in bra and panties lingerie lying down on a bed in a NWA hotel

Because one of my all-time most popular posts is the Boudoir Portraits for Shelby Grace, I decided to post a boudoir video from our session. I’m purposely posting this on Friday after work hours because it is not safe for work (NSFW). While there is not a nude photo of Shelby Grace in this post, […]


August 18, 2022

What to Wear for Bridal Boudoir Photos NSFW

I’ve been a bridal boudoir photographer in Northwest Arkansas for more than a decade, so I’m a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to what to wear for bridal boudoir photos. Bridal boudoir is typically different than other boudoir shoots. Because it represents this special time in your life, bridal boudoir should have a nod to […]


June 12, 2022

More High-End Boudoir Portraits for Alex

Upscale boudoir portraits of a sexy black haired young woman in black lingerie laying on a bed seductively.

Today I’m sharing more High-End Boudoir Portraits from Alex’s recent lingerie portraits. Alex and I have been teaming up a lot lately for her portrait needs. You recently got signed to a modeling agency. Because of that, we have been doing photo shoots for a modeling portfolio. Our latest session was some incredible upscale boudoir […]


June 11, 2022

Upscale Boudoir Portraits for Alex

upscale boudoir portrait of a young black haired female in a blue lace panty and bra on a floral couch.

I pride myself on taking Upscale Boudoir Portraits, called secret sessions. If you have Benfield Photography take your boudoir session, you can have peace of mind knowing you will have classy, upscale boudoir portraits from your hour-long session. If you’re looking for a Northwest Arkansas photographer, you might just have found one! When Alex and […]

Boudoir, Wedding Planning, Weddings

May 25, 2022

3 Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding

Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding of dark haired bride in black panties and black bra posing and bending on bed in a hotel room.

There are 3 Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding and today we are going to share them all. Should you do a boudoir photo shoot for your wedding? Read on to see why my answer is yes! 3 Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Photoshoot for Your Wedding: A gift for […]


May 13, 2022

Luxury Boudoir Portraits Session: NSFW

Luxury Boudoir Portraits of sexy blonde model in leather with bright red lips and no shirt or bra.

In addition to luxury wedding photography, I also shoot Luxury Boudoir Portraits. Recently, I teamed up with Janessa for some luxury boudoir photography. I’m sharing a few of my favorites today. Warning, they are NSFW. Janessa brought tons of different lingerie options for the shoot (We shot more than 10 looks), and we captured so […]

Boudoir, Maternity, Personal

December 3, 2019

Boudoir Maternity Session for Tyler

nude pregnant boudoir maternity shoot

Hi everyone, this is Tyler! I’ve taken over Dale’s blog today to talk about … myself. Or rather, my last maternity shoot. A boudoir maternity shoot. First, though, let’s talk about boudoir in general. If you would have told me two years ago that I’d do a boudoir shoot at all, let alone a boudoir […]

Boudoir, Secret Sessions

June 4, 2019

Savannah Skidmore’s Boudoir Photos by Tyler

savannah skidmore lingerie boudoir photos

While I love photographing boudoir and making women feel empowered and beautiful, I understand that having a male shoot them can be uncomfortable (the exact opposite of what we want women to feel in front of our cameras!), so I’ve taught Tyler (my DARLING WIFE) how to use the camera and it turns out… she […]


February 9, 2019

Boudoir Portraits for Shelby Grace – NSFW

blonde girl on bed with messy hair in bra and panties - boudoir - not safe for work

There is something really special about photographing boudoir: I love helping every single person I photograph feel empowered and beautiful. I actually wrote about this years ago when I was determining my “why I started.” One of the best comments I ever received… I was photographing a bride recently and I don’t know what inspired […]


December 4, 2015

Abby Floyd Miss Arkansas USA Boudoir Portrait Session

Hey everybody! Meredith recently had the pleasure to photograph the new Miss Arkansas USA, Abby Floyd, for her boudoir session. She actually had it scheduled before the pageant and held the session just a few days after she won the crown.  Such a fun and exciting time in Abby’s life, Meredith was happy to capture […]


August 10, 2012

NSFW – Nikki’s Arkansas Boudoir Secret Session

Hey everybody! It’s been awhile since I’ve shown one of our secret sessions with y’all. We’ve been shooting them a lot, but we make sure to get permission from the client before you ever see them. Today’s post is of the lovely Nikki, from Kansas City. We shot the boudoir at our home studio (which […]


March 6, 2012

NSFW: Barbie Suite Boudoir Photographer, Final Post

Hey everybody! We’re wrapping up NSFW posts of Mere’s secret sessions from around the world. 🙂 The Barbie Suite has proven to be an amazing place for boudoir sessions, and she plans on going back there in late 2012 or early 2013 – if you’re interested in booking one of these sessions, I think she’s […]


March 5, 2012

NSFW: More Barbie Suite Boudoir / Secret Sessions

Hey everybody! Today we have more super fun and classy boudoir shots by the fabulous Meredith at the Barbie Suite in the Palms! She had 5 separate females to photograph, and since I don’t want this blog to turn into all secret sessions (because I feel like I easily could), we’re combining a few girls […]


March 4, 2012

NSFW: Paris Boudoir Photography

Hey everybody! We’re staying in Paris for another day to show a few more secret session images Meredith shot while we were there. What I love so much about these is that is shows that in some cases being mostly covered (like in the first shot) is still very sexy! I love the Mere doesn’t […]


March 3, 2012

NSFW: Paris [boudoir] Secret Session

Hey everybody! Today we’re switching gears from Vegas (don’t worry, we’ll come back) to Paris, France, where Meredith photographed some secret sesssions. Yep… boudoir in Paris (hey… “boudoir” IS french, after all). Enjoy some classy boudoir by the fabulously talented Meredith! Talk to you soon,Dale


March 2, 2012

NSFW: Barbie Suite Boudoir Photographer

Hey everybody! Last week when we were in Las Vegas, Mere had the super-cool opportunity to shoot some boudoir in the Barbie Suite at the Palms Hotel & Casino. If you know Mere, you know she’s fun and girly so she was quite excited with all the “Barbie” pink! Shooting Secret Sessions is one of […]


February 7, 2012

Taylor’s Fayetteville Arkansas Boudoir Session, pt 2

Hey everybody! Don’t you love all these NSFW posts? Haha! Meredith has been rocking out some boudoir recently, and Taylor’s secret session is one of my all-time favorites!! Let me just say thanks one more time to all the secret session girls who gave Meredith permission to post these images on the blog. We appreciate […]


February 6, 2012

Taylor’s Fayetteville Arkansas Boudoir Session

Hey everybody! We’re nearing the end of the fabulous string of boudoir sessions shot by my lovely and super talented photographer wife, Meredith! 🙂 Her secret sessions have been such a hit with our brides and other fun females in Fayetteville, so it’s been keeping her quite busy, as you can see! Today’s post is […]