January 1, 2022

Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Photos with Michael Fogel

Amanda Stanton's engagement photos to Michael Fogel in Aspen Colorado

I’ve been excited to photograph Amanda Stanton’s Engagement Photos ever since the moment Michael proposed. I’ve hoped she would find her husband ever since we became friends in 2019. She is such a sweet person, a loving mom, and deserves the best. Her two daughters do as well (here is a shot I got of […]


October 21, 2009

Photographers: Check out MpixPro!

Hey everybody! If you’re not a photographer, you can come back tomorrow for pretty pictures because you’ll probably find this post quite boring. If you are a photographer, particularly one that uses a bunch of different labs for different products, you HAVE to read this post. A couple months ago the Miller’s Photo Lab family […]


December 4, 2022

Pregnancy Update with a Little Bad News / Weekly Roundup #17

20 Week Pregnancy Checkup This week Tyler and I had an appointment with the doctor to see our baby and to chat about all things baby. Tyler’s 20-week checkup came with a little bit of bad news. Even a little scary. After an ultrasound to see the baby and confirm the gender (yes, we know!), […]

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November 26, 2022

10 Ways to Shop Small in NWA (and my BIG announcement)

It’s Small Business Saturday, and I’m compiling ways to shop small in NWA. Northwest Arkansas, while being home to the Fortune 1 company, actually has some really incredible small businesses. Today isn’t about getting the best deals: check the Fortune 1 for that… we can never compete on that level. Instead, this post is about […]


October 15, 2022

Making the Most of Little Moments: Week in Review #12

making the most of little moments with my 2 year old daughter

Making the Most of Little Moments This week really brought home the message of making the most of little moments. I don’t get a ton of time at home right now, and of course that is hard. However, instead of getting down about it… I just make the most of little moments with my family. […]

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September 2, 2022

Happy Wedding Day Amanda Stanton and Michael Fogel

Amanda Stanton's engagement photos to Michael Fogel in Aspen Colorado

This weekend is Michael Fogel and Amanda Stanton’s wedding day! Amanda is going to be the most stunning bride. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous details and sweet moments for her California wedding. Previously, I was Amanda’s wedding photographer. However, because she had to move her wedding date (and location) from Aspen in […]


August 21, 2022

Sunday Weekly Roundup #5

Bentonville Taco and Tamale interior photos

Another Sunday, another airport… delay. I’m currently sitting at my gate awaiting a late departure to my first leg of this 6 hour journey back to Cleveland. This upcoming week will be a big one, shoots every day across the Cleveland and Akron areas. I’m also doing a pretty big presentation and planning a pretty […]


August 20, 2022

Sisterly Love

Easily, my favorite part of the Disney Vacation this week was witnessing Scout and Ellie’s sisterly love. Having two daughters that are 16 years apart in age raises questions about how the relationship will form, grow, and last. Of course, if you’ve been a Benfield Blog follower for any time, you’ll already know that Ellie […]

Wedding Planning

July 23, 2022

Top 5 Things Every Groom Should Know

groom from behind walking down the hotel hallway in a blurry black and white image

Having captured more than 500 nuptials in my wedding photography career, I have a pretty lengthy list of Things Every Groom Should Know. (I also have a list of Things Every Bride Should Know, but I’ll save that for a later blog post). Some of these things might seem obvious once you read them, but […]

Wedding Planning, Weddings

July 10, 2022

Beautiful Wedding Flat Lay Arrangements with Real Wedding Details

Osage House Wedding Details in a flatlay with invitation, rings, flowers, and shoes

Wedding Flat Lay Arrangements are a great way to show off your wedding details all in one beautiful image. I happen to love this trend in wedding photography. Remember ring photos? The Wedding Flat Lay Arrangements photo is like a ring photo on steriods. Flat lays are a great way to set the tone for […]

Family and Children, Travel

July 4, 2022

Cancun Family Photographer (for Ty + Scout)

cancun family photographer image of a mother and young daughter at sunset on a balcony at the Ritz Carlton in Cancun

While the Benfields are vacationing at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun, I thought I’d play pretend to be a Cancun Family Photographer with Ty and Scout. While I’ve posted a ton of images as a wedding photographer in Cancun, it’s probably not feasible to fly me to Cancun for a family session. However, because I’m in […]


June 29, 2022

Luxury Kindred North Wedding Details

luxury wedding details for Kindred North wedding, including Blakeman's Fine Jewelry ring and earrings, chanel no 5 perfume, and greenery.

Hannah and Derek incorporated so many Luxury Kindred North Wedding Details into their wedding day. As I set the scene for their wedding at Kindred North and Kindred North wedding portraits, I wanted to give y’all the full view and all the little details that made up the entire day. Hannah and Derek used color […]

Luxury Wedding, Wedding Planning

June 22, 2022

5 Tips to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding

bride and groom walking up the aisle at their italian destination wedding in florence italy at a private vineyard.

Now that the world is traveling again, let’s talk about how to plan the perfect destination wedding. I’ve shot dozens of destination weddings over the years. Whether it was a wedding in Aspen, CO, or a wedding in Florence, Italy, I’ve done it all. This post is going to share my top 5 tips for […]

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June 19, 2022

3 Reasons You Should Subscribe to The Benfield Photography Blog

Vogue Bridal Photographer shoots stunning brunette bride in blush pink wedding dress from Monique Lhuillier

If you’re new here, there are 3 main reasons you should subscribe to The Benfield Photography Blog. I update this blog every single day. Yes, even on Sundays. Yes, even on Christmas Day. It’s a labor of love, but yes I truly love this blog. Reason #1 to Subscribe to the Benfield Photography Blog The […]

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June 9, 2022

Family Style Dining at Wedding Receptions

Family Style Dining at Wedding Reception showing guests passing plates of pasta and vegetables across the table.

Can Family Style Dining at Wedding Reception be a thing? Idk if Marie and Nick are ahead of their time with this wedding reception dining idea. Maybe I just haven’t seen it yet. However, I love the idea of family-style dining at wedding receptions, and it worked so well for the wedding guests. 3 Reasons […]


June 8, 2022

Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams in Hot Springs

Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams with the bride and groom kissingin the foreground and the guests in the background.

This Wedding Reception at Hamp Williams had me in color heaven. Marie and Nick, along with their wedding party, wore black and white. I love the classic, timeless look of wearing black + white at a wedding. Not only is that timeless, but it made the pops of color at the wedding reception pop that […]

Wedding Planning

June 5, 2022

Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer?

Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer, shooting a bride and groom on the dock with water and mountains behind

Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer? I get this question from both clients and from other photographers. Money conversations are always awkward, and most people avoid them like the plague. However, I do see that a lot of people google “Should You Tip Your Wedding Photographer?” so I thought I would put in my two […]

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June 2, 2022

How to Take Great Food Photos

how to take great food photos for pizza party night by shooting the final pizza shot as a overhead flatlay

We recently had a pizza party night with friends and family, so I thought I would take the opportunity to show How to Take Great Food Photos. You’ve heard a lot about JP, best buddy and best man at my wedding. We try to go to Troy, NY, every year to stay with him and […]

Wedding Planning

May 30, 2022

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors: 3 Examples of Perfect Wedding Palette Executions

luxury wedding with veuve cliquot champage for wedding guests at luxury wedding reception

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors is one of the first questions you’ll encounter during your wedding planning process. Thankfully you have me to help you approach choosing your wedding colors. I am going to share three examples of well-executed wedding colors from real weddings in Northwest Arkansas and across the south. First, make use […]

Wedding Planning

May 21, 2022

Ultimate Guide to Where to Buy a Groom’s Tuxedo or Suit

bride and groom twirl outside the Ballroom at I Street wedding, with the groom wearing a custom-fit tuxedo to match the bride's designer gown.

“Should I Buy a Tuxedo for My Wedding?” I get the following question from so many brides and grooms when wedding planning: “Should I Buy a Tuxedo for My Wedding?” The short answer is, “yes” but allow me to explain the many pros of buying a suit or tuxedo for your wedding. First, A custom […]